Certified Used Towing Vehicles

The biggest objection that I have found to purchasing a used vehicle has been the mystery surrounding a given vehicle. These buying questions are best answered at the dealership. Your dealership should provide you with a Car Fax or Experian Title search report. These reports will give you the time line of the vehicle from first in service to current date. Furthermore, it will show any accidents reported by local police authorities. The maintenance of the vehicle, is tougher because often times the records do not get traded in with the vehicle. In comes the manufacturer and the dealership with a certification program. These programs are designed to bring the vehicle back to a near new standard and yet it is only as good as the dealership that is doing the inspection and correction process. Insist on seeing the inspection and repair order showing the corrections performed. We spend over £800.00 per car to bring vehicles back to specification and we are delighted to show you all we have done to sell you fear free driving. Link onto the Ford CPO site for additional information and I will see you down the road. George Vollman