What Is The Best Aftermarket In Dash Navigation For Bmw X5?

I have non navigation,non DSP,non Bluetooth BMW x5 3.0i 2002. I want to get in dash navigation for it,which plays MP3 files and still supports steering wheel controls and has bluetooth connectivity and ofcourse GPS itself 🙂 Any suggestions? (I want it look as close as possible to stock,but have much more options,and to have touchscreen and have very bright colorful screen).


Ok what can I tell you. I have BMW x5 4.4 2002 so I know what I am talking about. First broblem you are going to have is doble din dash kit some person is selling it for $470 each on ebay. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can find doble dash kit cheaper I would say between $150-$250 but still it is going to look bad. I changed my speakers through out my car put couple of subwoofers and install two head rest dvds. trust me is it gooooooood. Good Luck.